Our Mission

Go green, breathe clean!

It’s time for change

We want to spread awareness about carbon emissions, how it is harming our environment and our daily lifestyle. Life continues to be more and more convenient for us but people fail to recognize how even a small change in our habits has the potential to impact the environment in incredible ways.

We aim to make people realize that and have a greener lifestyle. We also encourage people to take a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint in an effort to create a better future for the next generations.

What we do

Changing habits, saving the world!

You are never too small to make a difference.

Spreading Awareness

Hard? Yes. Impossible? No!
Rising sea levels. Raging storms. Searing heat. Ferocious fires. Severe drought. Punishing floods. The effects of climate change are already threatening our health, our communities, our economy, our security, and our children’s future. We aim to raise awareness about societies’ carbon footprint and promote steps that can be taken to reduce large carbon footprints that have detrimental effects on the environment.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Measure your own carbon emission!
Notice your habits, measure your carbon footprint. This will let you know about the amount of carbon you cause in the environment by taking a small survey regarding your daily lifestyle. This will not only help you know the amount of carbon you release, but it will also help you to change your lifestyle for a better one.

Take a pledge

Join the movement and take a pledge with us!
Join us with taking the Carbonet Pledge where you will improve daily lifestyle and march towards a better future. Fill the form and let us know that you are with us in this initiative!

Carbon Footprint Calculator

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Take the Carbonet Pledge Today

Let us commit to contributing our part to the environment, let us take a pledge today to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, to reduce our daily carbon footprint, and to ensure a safe and green future for generations to come.
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